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Highly recommend their property management services.  Rants group was our property manager for over 7 years. Darrell McQuiston was very professional and quick in resolving any issues or concerns, which we greatly appreciated especially when we had a strict HOA. He did an amazing job of finding great tenants and worked hard to ensure there was very little to no lapse between tenants. When we were ready to sell, Darrell made the transition very smooth. They returned our property to us in pristine condition (only cosmetic issues that they took care of) and recommended a great realtor that found a buyer within two days of listing. Being a military family that moved a lot (including overseas), we had peace of mind that our property was being taken care of. We are so appreciative of all the hard work and professionalism that the Rants Group Team and Darrell McQuiston provided through the years.


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The folks at Rants Group took great care of me.  I've never had such an easy time finding a place to live in the city. They have great properties and fair rent prices. Great job!


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Top professional property management. Always ready and completely satisfied with results teamwork. I highly recommend The Rants Group and Darrell McQuistion.


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We've had The Rants Group managing our property since 2016 and have been very pleased.   We've been continually kept in the loop as to the status of our property and have received our payments and documentation monthly without fail. Our manager Darrell McQuistion has always responded to any questions I've had in a timely and professional manner.


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When it came time to move our office location, we worked with Carolyn. She knew everything about the commercial market and quickly provided a list of new locations. She helped us negotiate our new lease and terminate our old one. I highly recommend The Rants Group!


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Danielle is very professional and a great negotiator.  She obtained a long-term tenant within just a few months and negotiated tenant-paid improvements—all at a fantastic lease rate. Plus, she instituted yearly increases, which I never thought I would receive.


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I would recommend The Rants Group for anyone who does not want to worry about property management. 


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Darrell has a deep understanding of the rental market value. He provides a quick turn around between tenants and offers excellence in screening potential renters.


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Being your own property manager is akin to being your own lawyer: not a good idea. After having learned that lesson, I contacted The Rants Group to see what they might do for me. Pat Rants viewed the subject property and made me an offer that was fair and comprehensive. Over the past several years, there have been several occasions where I've relied on Pat's staff to guide me on decisions and issues related to the property. That guidance has been consistently solid, useful, and successfully implemented. I unhesitatingly recommend the Rants Group as a property manager.