Residential Tenant Resources During COVID-19

Updated May 15, 2020

To those who are working from home as we are, please be safe and keep the world turning. To those who have lost your jobs or have less income than before the shutdown, we offer some help and thoughts.

One of the hardest parts of this whole crisis is the uncertainty that affects all of us. How long will the shutdown last?  When can I go back to work?  Will my job still be there when this is over?  These are all legitimate questions that we all want answers to. We're all in this together. It is too early to have the answers we want, but; I believe that we live in a society that has weathered a serious crisis before. — We can handle this one too.

We will continue reviewing the national response to the virus, the shutdown, and the local situation through the month. Later this month (April) we will review our policies and have more guidance for you looking ahead to May.

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Stimulus payments and unemployment checks are beginning to be received.  If you have not received your funds around the first of May, please email your property manager with your situation.  If you are waiting for funds, we will again not charge a late fee in May

To protect the safety of our tenants, in-person tours will not be allowed for any occupied units that are currently being marketed.

In-person tours are limited to one person present. Other accomodations may be made, please confirm with the listing agent prior to the appointment.

Here are some resources we’ve assembled and questions that we can answer:

  • We want to help you stay in your home for the long term. If you are having trouble with rent, please email your property manager about your situation. You may also use the contact button in your tenant portal.
  • Washington State’s Employment Security Department (unemployment benefits) has vastly expanded. Benefits are now available to almost all workers, including 1099, gig, and self-employed. Those who couldn't apply for benefits earlier are now eligible. Many benefits have expanded out for many more weeks.
  • The Federal Government has added an additional $600 per week that is available to nearly everyone on unemployment from March 29 through week ending July 25. That is a significant increase and, for many workers who are not working, may replace close to all of your previous income.
  • If you haven't done so already, visit the Employment Security Department's website for more unemployment insurance information and to apply.
  • The Federal Government in April will be begin paying almost all Americans $1,200 to each adult through the stimulus package approved by Congress and signed by the President. For those who have direct deposit on file with the IRS, the payment will reportedly be delivered as early as Monday, April 13. (According to the Washington Post, the electronic checks will be processed on April 9 and should be delivered by April 14.) For those who will receive the check by mail, NBC News reports that the checks could take as long as five months to be delivered.
  • Because of the many variables and uncertainty of the timing with the current state of dealing with COVID-19 and the “Stay in Place” order, The Rants Group will not be charging late fees in the month of April. If you will be paying late, and haven't done so already, please be in contact with your property manager so we can make a note in your file.

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Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.